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Colorectal Cancer & Exercise Webinar

Webinar and interactive case study on treatment and rehabilitation through exercise management of colorectal cancer.

Dr. Andria Morrielli is an Exercise Scientist with many years of clinical and research experience designing and administering fitness assessments and exercise programs for indeviduals living with and after cancer.

Since her MSc and PhD in Kinesiology at the Univeristy of Alberta she has focused on exercise intervention in rectal cancer patients with a focus on improving patient reported outcomes and cancer outcomes.

The Glasgow Caledonian Univeristy IPT HOPE Student Network is presenting this webinar along side IPT HOPE (World Physiotherapy Organisation) and Dr. Morrielli to shed light on the impact exercise treatments and physiotherapy can have on colorectal cancer patients.

This webinar is designed for students wanting to learn more and expand their knowledge beyond the univeristy classroom.

Reserve your spot here: www.eventbrite.com/e/colorectal-cancer-exercise-webinar-tickets-539310009757

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